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Informal trading in addis ababa trading in straight and road with out tax.
By genet abebe
Trading at road, straight front of an other formal trader shop trading without taxt this make them informal.this types of trading now now atime seen as usually event.
Accourding to informal trading in gulela sub town commerce regestraion and head of working assistance sir tfra workneh said “one trader to be formal.frist register by commerce register and licence. according licence 686200 proclamion.every people can trading by formal way.
by using license. Unless trading from place to place and at front of formal trader shop with out tax. Make them make informal trader tobe formal. government open first small shop, second sundey market.
There aim is to make informal trader to formal trader.
Gulela sub town commerce inspection and regulatory working process head officer tariku gudisa said” 2010 two proclamion revise once, commerce activity and stock holder proclamion
second, commerce registration and license proclamion.these revise proclamion make commerce ease to modernizing and commerce reform. Commerce inspection and regulatory work is trader to trading by commerce license and informal trader at road and straight to make awarness we give learnig.
Our sub town in 2013 has 2 regulatory parts but now our regulatory reach 16 regulatory part.regulatory part bring informal trader in to court.
And also this kind of informal trader to not incrase every season give awarness education.accourding to informal trading
Vise sagn denise bekele said” informal trader make traffic accident with vicles, when police come they run and inter in to straight with out zebra cross.they make accident and their activate make violent of the rule of traffic at road.
This also cause for another life traffic accident.bekele asrat is informal trader he said” I come from rural area to get job in addis ababa. But all job want education certificate and relative to get job. Now I trading on straight to survive.
In this trading have different challenge when come police we run away. One time I am loss 125 birr sofit and soap. But now I bring little good.”
Aster one of girl informal trader said I work this for survive my life.
Posted by Getnet Abebe at 2:16 AM


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